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We produce Premix (Vitamin- Minerals ) professionally to maintain the efficiency and reach the optimizing Specifications.

Word Of Chairman of the Board of Directors

Over the years, Arab Mix Company has been able to occupy a distinguished position among the pioneers in the premix production sector and to contribute strongly to increasing the quality of feed by producing high-quality premixes by selecting the best raw materials, including vitamins and minerals, from the largest and leading international companies, which has led to the company’s superiority. Its ability to meet customer needs and its ability to spread in all sectors of the Egyptian and global market, as well as its ability to develop rapidly and keep pace with changes with high efficiency to provide its goods and services with the highest quality and distinguished prices. The foundations of this success are thanks to God first, then our belief that our customers are partners in this success, and its reliance on a distinguished work team whose goal is to serve customers with mastery and sincerity in a way that befits our customers and the position of our company. We affirm our continuation in this direction to maintain our position and leadership as well. We affirm our constant and continuous striving towards more progress, leadership and success, God willing, asking God Almighty for success and success.

Mr. Hani Abu Al-Majd

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Majd Group​

Who we are?

We are a group of specialists with an experience of manufacturing premix depending on the application of the latest scientific and technological techniques that able to grow our Industry to be the pioneer company at the field of feed additives. To complement the tremendous success with a high production capacity we also cooperate with a number of Leading international company in the vitamin industry.

About ArabMix​

We have the ability to produce any special Specification that could be requested by the customer.
We can produce Macro premix that contains any feed additives upon customer request.

Our Mission & Vision​

We are committed to supply high quality products in order to be a key player in feed industry & fulfill all requirements of our customers whatever with special or standard specifications with all kind of premix Poultry, Large Animals and Aqua species…etc.

we believe that excellence and ability to compete need to have innovative, creative & updated strategic thinking to reach leadership in Premix Sector.

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